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Who Are We?
Luxeme Kitchens is a Toronto and GTA-based company, specializing in kitchens, cabinets, vanities, wall-units, walk-in closets, and bars. Luxeme is undeniably one of the best kitchen companies in town. To produce quality commodities from North-American materials, while keeping our prices competitive.
Our designers will create a stylish custom cabinetry for your home, cottage, and/or condominium. Our custom-made kitchen cabinets are made-to-order. Luxeme actually creates products according to your precise specifications.

Luxeme Kitchens provides the following custom made products:

  • Door Types: Solid Wood doors, MDF doors, Aluminium doors, Laminated doors, and more
  • Door Styles: Mitred style, raised panel style, flat panel style, Applied Moulding, and much more – all depending on your preferences and taste.
  • Custom Finishes: We are able to match any colour or style.
  • Custom kitchen posts
  • Custom kitchen corbels
  • Custom mouldings, trim, valances and cabinet legs
  • Kitchen Pantry pullouts
  • Corner cabinet solutions & Lazy Susans

(Please look at our other pages for images of some of our custom projects)
The Following are just some of the custom made products we provide
Custom Wall Units and Cabinets

Custom kitchen wall units and cabinets are a fantastic means of showcasing your kitchen. They can be used as storage space, while still showing off your crystal, or china. Our Kitchen Designer will design the perfect wall unit/ cabinets for your kitchen if you desire. Every design is possible when the right kitchen designer is abroad with the project. Custom Kitchen Cabinets are also available in different colours, especially for WHITE KITCHENS.

Custom Kitchen Bars

A custom bar can add a lot of style to a kitchen and home. Bars are perfect ways to entertain, especially with smaller parties. Bars can also be a part of 2 layer ISLANDS, which could serve as a breakfast bar.


Free Consultations

Luxeme Kitchen offers more than just quality kitchens. Our experienced kitchen designer (s) can craft custom wooden cabinets for your kitchen. Due to the time spent to make custom-built items such as cabinets, it will take a certain period of time, to create your custom made product – after the development phase has begun.

We recommend a consultation with our kitchen designer staff, in order to see what Luxeme products will work best with your needs.  Please CONTACT US today, to schedule a consultation with our professional kitchen designer, and please take a look at our GALLERY for ideas on your own project.

Do not settle for any ordinary kitchen designer, when you can get the best kitchen designer in town – LUXEME KITCHENS.



Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

white kitchen design at art kitchens

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations serve to be aesthetically pleasing, at the same time efficient.

Kitchen renovations can increase the value of your house, increase the functionality of your space and make your home beautiful. Kitchen renovations are a big project, and therefore only the best should be handling such projects.

A kitchen is refereed to as the heart of the home. Friends and families gather, entertain, socialize, and eat in kitchens together. As a result, people tend to renovate their kitchens in ways that accommodate these. For example, a household who likes to spend a lot of time together in the kitchen may add a two level island, where a breakfast bar can be added.

When kitchen renovations are to be done, several design factors must be decided upon prior to renovation.

Some design factors include the following:

  • Cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Counter-tops
  • Back Splash

Cabinets: Cabinets are an extremely important aspect of kitchen renovations. Cabinets can be bought ready made, or they can also be bought, made to fit your needs (perhaps to blend with the rest of the home). We will decide on the total amount of storage space you will have available in your kitchen. Beautiful cabinets will really make your kitchen stand out from the rest of your home. Cabinets come in all colours and designs. Examples would be wooden cabinets, steel cabinets, bamboo cabinets, white cabinets, and much much more.


Lighting is another key aspect to consider for kitchen renovations. You will want to decide on the location of each kitchen item (such as your island), so you can focus light on that particular area. Lighting is generally inexpensive; therefore lighting can always be accustomed after kitchen renovations.

Counter-tops are occasionally an expensive part of kitchen renovations. Kitchen counter-tops come in varieties of selections. Counter-tops s includes granite, laminate, marble, and much more. Counter-tops can always be decided on after kitchen renovations, as you can compare multiple countertop selections, to see which one best suits your kitchen.

For more information on Kitchen Renovations, please CONTACT US and we will gladly discuss our Kitchen renovations for you.


Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are supplementary detached work space, normally positioned in the centre of your kitchen. Kitchen islands increase space and change the style of your home.  Kitchen Islands not only make your kitchen look bigger, but they also assist with increasing storage space. In their minimal forms, kitchen islands are basically extra counter space. In their maximal forms, custom designed kitchen islands come complete with built-in sinks, appliances (such as microwaves and dishwashers), open counter-top (for example, a bar for eating breakfast or having a coffee), and finally they offer extra storage space underneath. Kitchen Islands are a means of increasing the size and practicality of your kitchen space.

Factors to consider about Kitchen Islands

The functionality of your kitchen island
Would you like to:

  • Add more food preparing space
  • Increase Storage space
  • Create more space for socialization and/or work

If your main goal is to solely increase counter space, you might want to go with a simple approach and get a small island that will increase your counter-top space.

If you also want more storage space because you feel you just simply need more, we can include cabinetry within the actual island. This will increase both the surface area and volume of your kitchen. You can also use your kitchen as storage space by adding cabinets where appliances would be, and relocating those appliances within your island.

For example, if you feel you need more cupboards in your kitchen, you can simply replace your dishwasher with cupboards, and relocate your dishwasher underneath the kitchen island. To simplify your life even more, you can even add a sink into the island, therefore the dishwasher and sink are not far away from each other.

Finally, if you also want more space for socialization, work, and simply a more practical use of your island, you can opt for two leveled kitchen islands, hence half your your island could be used as a bar, while not affecting the rest of your counter-top.

For more information on kitchen islands, please CONTACT US and we will answer all your questions.

white kitchen

White Kitchen Design

White Kitchen Design

Rooms do not always require a splash of colour to make them look pleasing. A room can consist of mainly one colour, and still stay beautiful. White kitchens are becoming increasingly popular with clients who are looking to make their homes feel larger, elegant and modern.

White kitchens are a perfect example of how white alone can really make a room beautiful and elegant.

White represents wholeness and completion. It is the most neutral of neutrals, and is simple to decorate with, because it crosses style lines and mirrors light in an approach that visually opens up a room more than any other colour. The colour white symbolizes purity, modernity and clarity which typically suggest a refreshing feeling when it comes to interior kitchen design. A white kitchen is definitely the way to go if you want a modern and/or contemporary look and feel. A white kitchen will also make the space feel larger, which sends positive vibes throughout the house, in comparison to darker kitchen designs.

If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your home by renovating or redesigning your kitchen, you should look at our image gallery for some inspiration. If you are looking towards designing a kitchen with a more modern look, we suggest you look at our white kitchen designs. White kitchens are one of our areas of expertise. We use brand new, modern materials to make your white kitchen look fantastic. Most clients choose white kitchens with a dark countertop for their kitchen, therefore the contrast between the two colours grabs everyones attention every time they walk into or past your kitchen.

Don’t miss out on these new designs!

white kitchen white kitchen  Our Previous designs at art kitchens  Our Previous projects at      kitchen designs at artkitchens white kitchen designs

Contact Art kitchens For more detail about our white kitchen designs, and we will gladly answer all your questions, and even provide a free quote for your project.


Mobile Picture gallery

Samples of our Gallery

  Here are some samples of our beautiful designs. For more pictures please visit our gallery


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LUXEME KITCHENS has built its reputation by providing quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets at affordable prices combined with a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We are the Most Affordable Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Whether you are simply refacing your kitchen to update the look of your current cabinetry or planning an entire home renovation, Artigiano has a wide variety of Canadian manufactured cabinets and accessories as well as high end overseas Kitchen Cabinet brands that will assure your project is a complete success.
Years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in the Greater Toronto Area are a testament to LUXEME KITCHENS Gallery’s ability to provide the very best in products and services.