Virtual Studio

What is Virtual Showroom ?

Virtual Studio   Virtual Studio  Virtual Studio   Virtual Studio

With our Virtual Studio design software you have the ability to see your kitchen cabinets before it is built and you can make as much changes as you require to get your desire kitchen cabinets. This software allows you to change room settings and products – from color to size. You can view your kitchen cabinets in an unlimited number of finishes. You can zoom in to inspect materials and fabrics or rotate items to examine features from different viewpoints.

This software can display dozens of matching products with realistic, high-quality images that include reflections and shadows and preset rooms with suggested products inspire consumers and provide a fast path to planning their own spaces. Rooms can also be displayed in contours, without shading or hidden lines.

Virtual Showroom is a visualization tool that gives you the ability to modify styles and finishes on objects in preset rooms. You can

save your selections, build a shopping list and take a printout of your design for review with our expert at our showroom. We set up our Virtual Showroom Desktop on workstations and notebooks and showcase our virtual rooms to you who can thenselect your preferences.

Check the Virtual Showroom Video