kitchen ideas and tips

Kitchen Ideas & Tips

Kitchen Ideas & Tips

Basic Kitchen Ideas for renovating and remodeling

Kitchens can come in many different designs and layouts. Because of this, kitchens pose a lot of challenges, especially when trying to design the most appealing kitchen. Cabinets, countertops, and appliances may look nice in someone else’s home, but it doesn’t always mean it will look the same in your home, that is why you need a lot of kitchen ideas, instead of just copying someone else’s design.
Many space-saving products are available for smaller kitchens, therefore you can still have the convenience of a large kitchen, in a smaller one – All you need are some Kitchen Ideas.

If you are one who loves entertaining & you have a large enough space to do so, you might want to consider getting an island. Islands may have already come up in your kitchen ideas; however you should consult with us about the different styles of islands you can get, such as a two layered island, which is great for entertaining, and everyday life.

Other Kitchen Ideas and tips can also be discussed with us personally during our free consultation, however please look at the list of our recommended Kitchen Ideas & Tips for redesigning and Renovating.

Kitchen Ideas and Tips

Whether your kitchen space is big or little, and whether the final result you desire is pretty or pretty wild, your kitchen will look its best if you keep in mind the following kitchen ideas and tips.

  • Position your sink between the dishwasher, and the stove. Since it is used most, placing the sink between these two appliances makes it more efficient. (Please note that the location of the sink may depend on pre-existing plumbing lines.) (Other kitchen ideas / suggestions would be to add another sink within the island, if you have a lot of unused space on the island countertop.)
  • Try to allow for a minimum of 24 inches of counter space to the left and 18 inches to the right of your range.
  • Try to avoid placing a tall fridge and a built-in wall oven beside each other. This may have been in your original kitchen ideas; however each appliance needs its own landing space on either side of the appliance – for safety reasons.
  • Consider a Range Hood if you want a more modern look, in contrast to microwaves above the stove. This is dependent on your kitchen ideas, preferences, and budget.
  • Try to maximize your storage space by adding lazy Susans, magic corners, or waster corners, which are unreachable.
  • Pull-out drawers are also a great change from regular reach-in conventional cabinets, once again – all depending on personal preferences.

For more information regarding the renovation and redesigning of your Kitchen, or for more kitchen ideas, please CONTACT US and please Visit our GALLERY.