Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are supplementary detached work space, normally positioned in the centre of your kitchen. Kitchen islands increase space and change the style of your home.  Kitchen Islands not only make your kitchen look bigger, but they also assist with increasing storage space. In their minimal forms, kitchen islands are basically extra counter space. In their maximal forms, custom designed kitchen islands come complete with built-in sinks, appliances (such as microwaves and dishwashers), open counter-top (for example, a bar for eating breakfast or having a coffee), and finally they offer extra storage space underneath. Kitchen Islands are a means of increasing the size and practicality of your kitchen space.

Factors to consider about Kitchen Islands

The functionality of your kitchen island
Would you like to:

  • Add more food preparing space
  • Increase Storage space
  • Create more space for socialization and/or work

If your main goal is to solely increase counter space, you might want to go with a simple approach and get a small island that will increase your counter-top space.

If you also want more storage space because you feel you just simply need more, we can include cabinetry within the actual island. This will increase both the surface area and volume of your kitchen. You can also use your kitchen as storage space by adding cabinets where appliances would be, and relocating those appliances within your island.

For example, if you feel you need more cupboards in your kitchen, you can simply replace your dishwasher with cupboards, and relocate your dishwasher underneath the kitchen island. To simplify your life even more, you can even add a sink into the island, therefore the dishwasher and sink are not far away from each other.

Finally, if you also want more space for socialization, work, and simply a more practical use of your island, you can opt for two leveled kitchen islands, hence half your your island could be used as a bar, while not affecting the rest of your counter-top.

For more information on kitchen islands, please CONTACT US and we will answer all your questions.